Welcome to Happily Ever Givens!

Hello there! I'm Phyllis, a thirty something trying to navigate through my new like as Mrs. Givens. Happily Ever Givens is a bunch of short stories of my life after the aisle: my husband, things I love and experiences I crash into. 

In January 2010, I started a private blog (Diary of a Single Black Womanwhere I discussed my dating life, my battle with losing weight, and all the ups and downs of my life as a single woman. Writing became so therapeutic for me. After a year, I decided to tear down my privacy wall and open up my blog to the world. Many women found my blog to be enlightening and inspirational. Through the process, I learned a lot about myself and gained insight from other women walking up the same path.

Unfortunately/fortunately, over the past few years my focus changed and I found myself blogging less and less. In May 2012, I finally met a guy that "proved to me all men are not the same (Marilyn Monroe)." Last year, he proposed to me in Vegas on my birthday at 550ft in the air. It was so magical! 

Since that moment, my life has been spinning!! I planned a wedding solo, became a bride blogger for a prominent wedding website, made several DIY projects to offset some of the wedding costs, learned to cook meals for 2 instead of 1, and all while balancing my home, work and personal life...without having a nervous breakdown :-) I figured it was time start a new blog to go with this new life.

Thank you for joining me as I enter the next chapter of my life...Happily Ever Givens


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