C&P Dating Chronicles: Time-out Weekend

This past weekend my hubby love and I took some much needed time to just enjoy each other. With work and just the hustle and bustle of life, we haven't had a lot of quality time lately. Sometimes you have to just have to hit pause on the "to do" lists, silence the cell phones and tune into your significant other. It was really nice. Yes the laundry needed to be done and the kitchen could use some cleaning, but honestly it really could wait. The only task for the weekend was C&P :-) (SN: I did at least straighten up a bit. My OCD wouldn't allow me to let everything go). 

So here's how date weekend went...


We slept in!!!! That is a BIG DEAL! We never get a chance to sleep in because there is always something to do or somewhere to be. It was nice to not rush out of bed and be still. We didn't have anything planned for the day. We said maybe a movie...but there was nothing we wanted to see. After a few hours...still in bed...we decided to go grab some lunch. We went to Georgia Brown's for brunch. Delish! No calorie counting. Just uninhibited, gluttonous behavior. Really shameful, but oh so good!!

After lunch, we decided to go holiday window shopping. My hubby love probably loves to shop more than I do, so a trip to the mall is always a welcomed treat. We walked all over the mall for hours, which helped us walk off some of our lunch and helped me get some extra steps on my Fitbit. The rest of the evening, was spent chilling at home, watching movies. THE. PERFECT. SATURDAY!


We went to church and breakfast afterwards. Yes, I didn't cook this weekend and it was awesome!! After breakfast, we finally sat down to go through out wedding pictures. There are just too many and never enough time to sit and go through them all, but our family and friends are anxiously waiting and our photographers need to start our album. So we got through only half...sigh!

The rest of the day was spent at an event at Akwaaba Bed & Breakfast Inn: Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation with Black Bridal Bliss. It was an intimate evening with engaged and newlywed couples and the focus was on marriage planning rather than wedding planning, which is what I think is most important. I liked listening to the "husband-point-of-view" on what makes marriage work. Got some great tips and insight. I love love love being around couples who actually like each other! Good times!
The panelist with Triple B Founder, Bridgetteand hostess Cori Murray from Essence.
Stir Bartending Co. provided the cocktails. My fav was the Blackberry Bliss!
Tasty caramel macchiato cake from Mimi's Mocha Treats.

I even ran into fab wedding planner Raven White who I met during my planning last year. 
The event was the perfect ending to our date weekend. We even won the raffle prize for a 1-night stay at The Mansion at Noble Lane. YAY!!! Can't wait to set up that date weekend ;-)

Since we got married, we have been slacking on our dating life. I'm a believer in taking time to date your significant other on a regular basis. It is what held us together from day one and all through the wedding planning. I'm always reminded in the midst of work deadlines and all my many lists, that Calvin is my best friend. This is the relationship that I want to continue to feed into forever.

My advice is that couples set a weekly date night. If that's not possible with your schedules than twice a month is good too! Heck if you get one good date in for the month, you are still in there. Just set a time (in ink and not pencil) and make it happen. It doesn't have to be an action packed date. Can be as simple as renting a movie and eating-in or going for a walk in the park or visiting a museum. Just find time to enjoy each other and make more special memories. There are just 52 days left in this year...Make it count!

Look out for more of C&P Dating Chronicles coming soon ;-)

Happy dating!!

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  1. Glad you and hubby got a chance to get out! #localcelebrities

    1. LOL! Wish we have celebrity money too! HA!! No really it was nice to spend the whole weekend together and focus on us. Have to make that time!


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